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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for many homeowners, designers, and builders. It offers the beauty of solid hardwood floors in a cost effective system that is easy to install and maintain. In recent years, laminate flooring has come a long way. It offers some great benefits that make it a premium flooring material, and it can be installed in just about any space. Learning a little more about laminate flooring and why it has become so popular in the last few years will shed some light on the products versatility, and could very well lead to the perfect new floor for you home!



What is Laminate Flooring?


Laminateflooring is a beautiful artificial wood covering. It’s made from fiberboard in varying thicknesses and has an image of any number of species of wood applied to the surface. It’s completed once the final layer is applied, which is a surprisingly durable melamine plastic. The final product is robust and tough, and unlike solid hardwood, carpet, or even marble, will not fade when installed under direct sunlight. It generally isn’t used in bathrooms due to the high humidity, but it can be installed just about anywhere else in a home, office, commercial space, or even industrial areas.



Easy to Install


Laminate flooring is downright pleasant to install. Even for those with little to no interest in DIY projects, laminate flooring can be installed very quickly. Often times it can be installed over existing flooring, although for better results, it’s recommended to remove the former floor coverings. An underlay is typically installed prior to placing the first boards, which makes the product quieter and more comfortable to walk on. Planks are staggered along the floor and fit to each other through an elegant tongue and groove system. It’s never been so easy to get a professional looking finish by yourself than with laminate flooring.



Keep it Looking Great!


Maintaining laminate flooring is unexpectedly easy. Daily cleaning is as simple as a sweeping job. For more thorough weekly cleanings, a damp mop is perfect. The important thing to remember with laminate flooring options is that it doesn’t stand up well to prolonged exposure to moisture. Cleaning with a mop that is too wet or not cleaning up spills as quickly as possible should be avoided to ensure a long lasting and great looking floor.


There are very few flooring materials on the market today that are able to provide the beauty of natural wood in a cost effective and easy to maintain package. Laminate flooring is among the most sought after flooring materials because there are so many designs to choose from. To learn more about laminate flooring, you’d be well advised to speak with the most experienced and dependable flooring specialist in your area. They’ll be able to provide valuable insight into the products that would best suit your needs, and can help guide you to the products that would make your space look its very best. Call today and get your project off to the best possible start!